Aquarium Quotes from Famous People

  1. Reef aquariums are definitely the pinnacle of the hobby.” Brian Vaughn
  2. “Aquariums are popular because they fill what people are looking for in a vacation. There has been a trend toward family-oriented vacations and traditional type of vacations. People also want their vacations to have an educational component that is disguised as fun. When you are doing a big downtown revitalization project, it makes sense to have a flagship attraction that you can build around.” Cathy Keefe
  3. “Imagine if every fish and invertebrate at the Monterey aquarium died. That’s the scale we’re talking about.” Christina Slager
  4. “We know very little about what happens to Belugas in the wild, and it’s only through aquariums like this that we actually find out that information.” Clint Wright
  5. “For Atlanta, it is a large city but in some cases has lacked the cultural amenities. Having this new aquarium, that’s been a huge boost to the cultural richness for the community, not only for people coming from out of state but also for locals.” Daniel Connolly
  6. “Many exhibits from this aquarium use Hawaii’s abundant natural daylight. This allows Waikiki to display only live coral, which creates beautiful exhibits. It’s also a world leader in the propagation of live coral. The aquarium features some unusual and rarely seen species, including the chambered nautilus and the endangered Hawaiian monk seal.” John Grant
  7. “The challenge is to keep them. In the aquarium industry, once you become a director, you become quite attractive to other institutions with higher salaries.” David Griffin
  8. “When the aquarium if it’s ever built back here again than we can talk at that point about trying to get some dolphins back here .” David Lion
  9. “It’s not a guessing game. Most aquariums are linear — you walk on one path, one way. We chose to be nonlinear. You come into a central area, and then you make the choice of where you want to go.” Jeff Swanagan
  10. “I can see where that might have outgrown somebody’s aquarium. It’s a big one.” Robert Fawcett
  11. “The public’s reaction to our project so far has been overwhelming. We just reopened the main aquarium building this spring; as a result our attendance is up 28 percent, which is just tremendous. We’re thrilled with that.” Jim Stone
  12. “This is a unique aquarium in that a large portion of its collection features freshwater species, and it specializes in fish, amphibians and reptiles from the southwestern part of the country. The River Journey exhibit transports visitors from the Appalachian highlands through ponds, rivers and swamps, all the way to the seacoast. The recently added Ocean Journey exhibit allows visitors to sample a variety of saltwater environments.” John Grant
  13. “Crayfish, aquarium fish in general, bullfrogs and tilapia – those are the top ones.” Jon Sjoberg
  14. “With those units, it may be the place for a higher-end restaurant. Being across from the Maritime Aquarium makes it a good spot.” Brian Griffin
  15. The essential is to excite the spectators. If that means playing Hamlet on a flying trapeze or in an aquarium, you do it.  Orson Welles

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