Fish vs. Cat

Cat and fish encounter.


1. can’t you see it in my eyes?


2. brilliant killers!


3. hey! this ain’t your food bowl, shoooo!


4. fish: i’m bigger than you, get off me! cat: i’m hungrier than you!


5. who said cats don’t like water? their food is in the water!


6. we are both cute, but sorry fishy friend, my stomach is calling me!



7. 4 down, 1 more to go! yummy!


8. get off my sight cat! your eyes are too big to handle!


9. who? meeee???



10. Yes, you’ll be in heaven soon. i know it’s a little lonely inside there.


11. this is too deep, stop peeing fish!


12. cat: this is too tight!        fish: no, your face is just so big!



13. Gone diving and fish hunting!


14. now what???? you’ll charge me of killing? i’m just hungry!



15. I’m still small, you wait until next days and i’ll grow bigger!



16. in the shadow of the cat


17. I’m full, i don’t need the fish anymore!


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If you have photos to share send me through email at and I’ll add it here. Thanks.

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