15 Ugly Fishes around the World

Some fish are just extremely ugly. Here are 15 fishes that are really ugly. There are many other ugly fishes around the world but this list is based on my eyes only. See it for yourself and decide if they are worthy to be called ugly or not! These fishes are beautiful in an ugly kind of way.

I know a little about some of these fishes, however I don’t know what they eat or where they’re from. I don’t know the scientific names of these ugly organisms but one thing is for sure that I really know about them, they are all ugly!

1. Blob fish

2. Lump fish

3. Rat-tails or Grenadiers

4. Stone fish

5. Wolf fish

6. Hairy Frog fish

7. Viper Moray

8. Monk fish

9. Frog Fish Lizard

10. Gulper Eel

11. Angler fish

12. Mola-mola

13. Scorpion fish

14. Elephant nose fish

15. Big lipped fish

Now, do you want these fishes inside your fish tanks? I doubt! If you are interested in kids aquariums feel free to log in at KidsAquariums.com

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