Keeping Betta Fish Healthy and Well

The Betta fish is regarded as one of the most preferred pet fish among the marine life enthusiasts. Because Betta is a gorgeous fish, several marine life enthusiasts use this fish to add natural beauty on their aquarium. Still, there are a few individuals who prefer to store their Bettas in small bowls as pets. Even though having Bettas typically are not difficult to keep as the fishes are notable for its physical toughness, there are some tips that we need to look at to keep these fish variety well.

Because of its traits of physical strength, the Betta fish will be able to live nicely even if it is placed in a small bowls or jars. This marine life described as labyrinth fish that can survive even in atmospheric air. Thus, given a small space; it can endure whatever instances where oxygen is deficient because it can swim towards the top of the water to take air. Even though this variety of fish can thrive in small fish aquariums, it is very important that the water in these containers be changed regularly. The smaller the water aquarium space, the more often is the need to change the water. In case a Betta is keep in a small living area having poor water quality, it will fail to reach its full coloration and high activity levels.

Bettas must be placed in water with temperature between 74 degrees to 84 degrees Fahrenheit. If the temperature is higher than 84 degrees F, the Betta will show discomfort in the long run. When replacing the water, it should be stable and the temperature of the new water should be similar to the old water. This is to ensure that the Betta will not go through an abrupt alteration of temperature and become sick and tired. If the Bettas are place in a relatively small living place, there is no need to filter the water. However, if larger containers are used, filtering is encouraged as it can lengthen the time needed for water change.

Experience aquarium hobbyists do not recommend putting more than one male Betta fish in a small fish container. This type of fish tends to be aggressive and competitive to defend their property given a small living space. Hence, they may cause harm to each other. It is seldom that two female Bettas will fight against each other, maybe a little fin nipping, but this is normal even among humans. Putting, however, both male and female Bettas with other kinds can create nasty circumstances. It could affect other fishes in the aquarium community when these two Bettas start breeding. In case you decide to combine Betta with other fish species, choose not an aggressive variety of fishes to prevent problems among your pet fish.

Bettas have a rapid metabolic rate; hence, it is advisable that these fishes be fed with small, frequent meals. If too much food is given in one feeding, the Betta may not consume all the food and the remaining food may cause pollution on the water.

All the things mentioned above are some of the points that we need to note if we want to keep our Bettas well and healthy. Keeping Betta as your pet fish is an interesting and rewarding hobby.

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