Most Preferred Freshwater Fishes

You will discover a large number of different types of fish that could wind up being held in home fish tanks. Still, there are a few species that happens to be the most common fish desirable to fish owners. Most species of fish have specific care treatments that require to be followed in order the fish to have a long and healthy life. It’s crucial to research the proper fish care requirement with different varieties of fish that you’re planning to keep, to ensure that they’re capable to live comfortably.


Goldfish are probably the most common types of fish that can be kept in freshwater aquariums. Goldfish are affordable, and easily conform to various living surroundings with no stress at all.

Goldfish are of ancient Chinese origin, and also at one time those who were not in the Imperial family were not permitted to keep certain kinds of goldfish. Contrary to public opinion, goldfish need to have a large amount of water in order to be healthy. This is because goldfish expel a substantial quantity of waste both through their bowels and off their gills. This waste accumulation is the number one reason why goldfish held in small bowls apparently die unexpectedly.

Though goldfish are relatively hardy, they’re not going to manage to survive rapid, sudden alterations in temperature. However, most goldfish are able to survive in tanks without external heat, making them great pets for fish owners on a tight budget. Goldfish thrive when expose to ultraviolet light, however, as it permits them to have a pigment production response which brightens their color. If a goldfish is saved in a dark area for an extended length of time, their skin will suffer its colors and turn a dull gray.

Neon Tetra

Tetra fish are small types of fish which have been native to Africa, Central America and South America. The common tetra fish that can be saved in home aquariums known are the neon tetras. Neon tetras are seen as bright, vibrant colors that are light blue, silver-white as well as an iridescent blue horizontal stripe that runs down their side. Neon tetras would be better held in groups of five or maybe more, because they are prone to being shy and anti-social if alone. Neon tetras can live for many years, sometimes being known to live for a decade or more. Neon tetra fish are normally kept in aquariums because of their economical price and comparatively low-impact behavior.


Freshwater angelfish are classified to be part of the genus pterophyllum. Currently, are freshwater angelfish are indigenous to the Orinoco River, Amazon River and Essequibo River basins in South America. Angelfish are quite triangular in shape, with dramatically protruding fins. They have a tendency to have vertical stripes giving them a technique for camouflage among aquatic plant life. Angelfish certainly are a predatory species, and may even sometimes eat smaller fish within their tank if not properly fed. Angelfish are a common species among freshwater fish owners because of their exotic appearance.

There are a lot more varieties of fishes to choose from, if you have kids at home you can ask your kids to help you out check the coolest fish for your aquariums. You can even let your kids have their own aquarium; this is like training them to be responsible with their own pets. You can check the latest aquariums for kids at

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