A Jawfish and Cat Tale

One story I would like to share is that of my cat Oreo and his Yellow Headed Jawfish friend… continue reading

Precious the Cat Takes a Dive

I became interested in raising fish not long after I moved into the home we’re in now and began a garden pond. In my pond I had goldfish, and became interested in the many species of goldfish. During the winter I began to keep Orandas in a 29 gallon tank in my basement… continue reading

The Little Fish And The Big Fat Bean

One day, a little fish was out swimming in the river with her mother. The water was clear and warm, but the little fish wanted to swim faster and go farther. So she swam on and on till she reached the riverbank…continue reading

This is a story of a Fish!

PERHAPS you think that fishes were always fishes, and never lived anywhere except in the water, but if you went to Australia and talked to the black people in the sandy desert in the centre of the country, you would learn something quite different… continue reading

A Fish’s Bowl Is His Castle

Hamish, the fish, lived in a round fishbowl made of beautiful, clear, crystal. It was always sparkling clean. Inside the bowl was a gray, stone castle. It had a drawbridge, several windows, and if you looked real close, you could see gargoyles on the castle wallscontinue reading

A Small Fish Story

While St. Nicholas was generous to others, he did not lead a grand life himself. He was even once a beggar who traveled all over the country with only the clothes on his back, his staff, and an old wooden…continue reading

One story I would like to share is that of my cat Oreo and his Yellow Headed Jawfish friend.

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